Class: extensible

mixin for classes that support extension

URI: linkml:Extensible


Mixin for

  • AnonymousExpression (mixin)
  • ClassRule (mixin) - A rule that applies to instances of a class
  • Element (mixin) - a named element in the model
  • ImportExpression (mixin) - an expression describing an import
  • PathExpression (mixin) - An expression that describes an abstract path from an object to another through a sequence of slot lookups
  • PatternExpression (mixin) - a regular expression pattern used to evaluate conformance of a string
  • PermissibleValue (mixin) - a permissible value, accompanied by intended text and an optional mapping to a concept URI
  • StructuredAlias (mixin) - object that contains meta data about a synonym or alias including where it came from (source) and its scope (narrow, broad, etc.)
  • UniqueKey (mixin) - a collection of slots whose values uniquely identify an instance of a class

Referenced by Class



  • extensions 0..*
    • Description: a tag/text tuple attached to an arbitrary element
    • Range: Extension