Class: subset_definition

the name and description of a subset

URI: linkml:SubsetDefinition



  • is_a: Element - a named element in the model

Referenced by Class


Inherited from element:

  • name 1..1
    • Description: the unique name of the element within the context of the schema. Name is combined with the default prefix to form the globally unique subject of the target class.
    • Range: String
    • in subsets: (owl,minimal,basic,relational_model,object_oriented)
  • id_prefixes 0..*
    • Description: the identifier of this class or slot must begin with the URIs referenced by this prefix
    • Range: Ncname
    • in subsets: (basic)
  • definition_uri 0..1
    • Description: the "native" URI of the element
    • Range: Uriorcurie
  • local_names 0..*
  • conforms_to 0..1
    • Description: An established standard to which the element conforms.
    • Range: String
    • in subsets: (owl,basic)

Other properties

In Subsets: basic