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Slot: local_names

URI: linkml:local_names

Applicable Classes

Name Description
Element a named element in the model
SchemaDefinition a collection of subset, type, slot and class definitions
TypeDefinition an element that whose instances are atomic scalar values that can be mapped t...
SubsetDefinition an element that can be used to group other metamodel elements
Definition abstract base class for core metaclasses
EnumDefinition an element whose instances must be drawn from a specified set of permissible ...
SlotDefinition an element that describes how instances are related to other instances
ClassDefinition an element whose instances are complex objects that may have slot-value assig...


Identifier and Mapping Information

Schema Source

  • from schema:

LinkML Source

name: local_names
rank: 1000
domain: element
multivalued: true
alias: local_names
- element
range: local_name
inlined: true