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Linked Data Modeling Language: Specification


  • Chris Mungall, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Harold Solbrig, Johns Hopkins University


The Linked Data Modeling Language (LinkML) is a language for writing schemas that describe the structure of instance data. A LinkML schema consists of a number of different elements, including classes, which are used to type instances, and slots which are used to describe instance data attributes.

The LinkML specification defines the structure of instance data using a functional-style syntax, and defines the elements of a schema, together with the rules for operating over these schemas.


More information about LinkML can be found on the LinkML site, which includes introductory material and tutorials. It also includes a reference implementation and set of tools for working with LinkML schemas and data.

The specification provided here is intended to be independent of any particular tool or implementation.

Status of this specification

This is a draft specification open from comments to all.


This specification, like all parts of LinkML are in the public domain under a Creative Commons Zero license waiver.