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Slot: string_serialization

Used on a slot that stores the string serialization of the containing object. The syntax follows python formatted strings, with slot names enclosed in {}s. These are expanded using the values of those slots. We call the slot with the serialization the s-slot, the slots used in the {}s are v-slots. If both s-slots and v-slots are populated on an object then the value of the s-slot should correspond to the expansion. Implementations of frameworks may choose to use this property to either (a) PARSE: implement automated normalizations by parsing denormalized strings into complex objects (b) GENERARE: implement automated to_string labeling of complex objects For example, a Measurement class may have 3 fields: unit, value, and string_value. The string_value slot may have a string_serialization of {value}{unit} such that if unit=cm and value=2, the value of string_value shouldd be 2cm



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