RDA Schema crosswalk

This is in experiment translating the RDA Crosswalk to LinkML

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This is a DEMO site and NOT an officially sanctioned RDA product - any errors are our own

Source Files

We took the Excel file from here:

A Collection of Crosswalks from Fifteen Research Data Schemas to Schema.org, doi:10.15497/RDA00069

We made changes and put it up as a google sheet: RDA edited

  • We made various changes to make it more FAIR, including fixing mappings to be CURIEs (prefixes: incomplete)
  • We also included a Schemasheets header line to formally describe the column headings


We then use the LinkML generators to make various products

Some limitations:


  • we don't provide any of our own information on prefixes. We rely on bioregistry
  • any prefixes not found get an example.org URL

Documentation Site

This site is entirely automatically generated from the crosswalk file

Derived Schema Products

These are also auto-derived