This is a toolkit that assists with generating and enhancing schemas and data models from a variety of sources.

The primary end target is a LinkML schema, but the framework can be used to generate JSON-Schema, SHACL, SQL DDL etc via the LinkML Generator framework.

All functionality is available via a cli. In future there will be a web-based interface. The functionality is also available by using the relevant Python Packages.

Generalization from Instance Data

See Generalizers

Generalizers allow you to bootstrap a schema by generalizing from existing data files

  • TSVs and spreadsheets

  • SQLite databases

  • RDF instance graphs

Importing from alternative modeling frameworks

See Importers

  • OWL (but this only works for schema-style OWL)

  • JSON-Schema


In future other frameworks will be supported

Annotating schemas

See Annotators

Annotators to provide ways to automatically add metadata to your schema, including

  • Assigning class or slot URIs to schema elements

  • Mapping enums to ontologies and vocabularies

  • Annotate using Large Language Models (LLMs)

General Utilities

See utilitiess