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Create a data dictionary / schema for your data using simple spreadsheets - no coding required.


  1. Author your schema as a google sheet or excel spreadsheet
  2. Generate schemas:
    • LinkML
    • SHACL and ShEx
    • JSON-Schema
    • SQL DDL
    • OWL
  3. Get tooling for free:
    • Data validators
    • Python bindings
    • Create a website for your schema


See the test google sheets for examples

See also the examples folder which has an end-to-end example


This tool is aimed at data modelers, curators, wrangers, and creators of standards and datamodels. It is aimed at people who prefer to develop these standards using spreadsheet tools over more developer-centric tooling.

Using schemasheets you can develop your standard using google sheets, excel or any other table-editing tool. A variety of tooling is constructed automatically from this, no coding required.

Future Developments

We hope to soon harden parts of the toolchain, and also add more features that make it easier for non-technical people to use, include:

  • Web based tooling for managing schemas
  • Integration of existing LinkML tools, such as automated schema inference and mapping

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