A LinkML generator is code that transforms a linkml schema into a datamodel expressed using another framework, or into some other artefact, such as JSON-Schema, or markdown documentation.

Generators allow you to tap into the rich tooling offered in other technical stacks. The philosophy of LinkML is to embrace and reuse these existing frameworks, rather than serve as an alternative.

Schema Frameworks#

These generators translate from a LinkML model to commonly used web standards for structuring data such as JSON-Schema, Protocol Buffers (ProtoBuf), and GraphQL.

Linked Data Standards#

Linked Data is a broad term encompassing frameworks based on RDF and URIs/IRIs. LinkML schemas, can be translated directly into RDF, or they can be mapped to OWL, or translated to shape languages such as ShEx and SHACL.

Documentation Generation#

These generators will translate LinkML models into documentation, including UML class diagrams and markdown websites that can be easily published on static hosting sites.


Language Specific#

These will generate object models that are particular to specific languages such as Python, Javascript, or Java.


Generators specific to database frameworks. Currently only SQL databases.