Examples of use#

Introductory Example#

See PersonSchema

This schema will be used as a core example throughout. It represents people, their attributes, and related entities such as organizations.

Example Models#

National Microbiome Data Collaborative#

The NMDC schema represents environmental omics samples, associated biogeochemical and environmental metadata, and the outputs of various kinds of omics processes and computational workflows on these samples.

See National Microbiome Data Collaborative

Cancer Research Data Commons - Harmonized Model#

See Cancer Research Data Commons - Harmonized Model, developed by the NIH Center for Cancer Data Harmonization


LinkML is itself described as a LinkML model

INCLUDE Data Coordination Center#

Data model for the INvestigation of Co-occurring conditions across the Lifespan to Understand Down syndromE (INCLUDE) project

LinkML Registry#

The LinkML registry collects some existing schemas and allows for basic browsing:

Presentations on LinkML#