FAQ: Contributing#

How can I contribute?#

We welcome any and all kinds of contribution, including:

  • bug fixes and code contributions

  • ideas for new features

  • testing

  • documentation improvements

  • stlyistic improvements on the linkml site

  • general suggestions on how we can do better

You are free to make PRs on any LinkML repo, including:

Be sure to read the CONTRIBUTING.md for the repo you wish to contribute to.

For filing new issues, we prefer you to use the main linkml repo.

You may wish to browse the list of good first issues

How do I stay involved?#

We have a Slack channel for the core team and adopters of bleeding edge new features - join here.

How do I register my schema?#

You can make a GitHub Pull Request (PR) on the main linkml-registry metadata file.

If you are not familiar with the process of making PRs via the GitHub interface, you may find the guide to registering OBO ontologies useful (of course, LinkML schemas are not OBO ontologies, but the process is analogous).