Source code for linkml.generators.javagen

import importlib.util
import os
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional

import click
from jinja2 import Environment, FileSystemLoader, Template
from linkml_runtime.linkml_model.meta import TypeDefinition

from linkml._version import __version__
from linkml.generators.oocodegen import OOCodeGenerator
from linkml.utils.generator import shared_arguments

default_template = """

  Jinja2 Template for a Java class with Lombok @Data annotation
  Annotation details at
package {{ doc.package }};

import java.util.List;
import lombok.*;

{% if metamodel_version %}/* metamodel_version: {{metamodel_version}} */{% endif %}
{% if model_version %}/* version: {{model_version}} */{% endif %}

{% if cls.source_class.description %}/**
  {{ cls.source_class.description }}
**/{% endif %}
public{% if cls.abstract %} abstract{% endif %} class {{ }} {% if cls.is_a -%} extends {{ cls.is_a }} {%- endif %} {
{% for f in cls.fields %}
  private {{f.range}} {{ }};
{%- endfor %}

}"""  # noqa: E501

    "xsd:string": "String",
    "xsd:integer": "Integer",
    "xsd:float": "Float",
    "xsd:double": "Double",
    "xsd:boolean": "boolean",
    "xsd:dateTime": "ZonedDateTime",
    "xsd:date": "LocalDate",
    "xsd:time": "Instant",
    "xsd:anyURI": "String",
    "xsd:decimal": "BigDecimal",

TYPE_DEFAULTS = {"boolean": "false", "int": "0", "float": "0f", "double": "0d", "String": '""'}

[docs]@dataclass class JavaGenerator(OOCodeGenerator): """ Generates java code from a LinkML schema. Two styles are supported: - java classes, using lombok annotations - java records """ # ClassVars generatorname = os.path.basename(__file__) generatorversion = "0.0.1" valid_formats = ["java"] file_extension = "java" # ObjectVars generate_records: bool = False """If True then use java records (introduced in java 14) rather than classes""" template_file: Optional[str] = None gen_classvars: bool = True gen_slots: bool = True genmeta: bool = False emit_metadata: bool = True def default_value_for_type(self, typ: str) -> str: return TYPE_DEFAULTS.get(typ, "null") def map_type(self, t: TypeDefinition, required: bool = False) -> str: if t.uri: # only return a Integer, Double Float when required == false typ = TYPEMAP.get(t.uri) if required and (typ == "Double" or typ == "Float"): typ = typ.lower() elif required and typ == "Integer": typ = "int" return typ elif t.typeof: return self.map_type(self.schemaview.get_type(t.typeof)) else: raise ValueError(f"{t} cannot be mapped to a type")
[docs] def serialize(self, directory: str, **kwargs) -> None: if self.generate_records: package_dir = os.path.dirname(importlib.util.find_spec(__name__).origin) javagen_folder = os.path.join(package_dir, "javagen", "") loader = FileSystemLoader(javagen_folder) env = Environment(loader=loader) template_obj = env.get_template("java_record_template.jinja2") elif self.template_file is not None: with open(self.template_file) as template_file: template_obj = Template( else: template_obj = Template(default_template) oodocs = self.create_documents() = directory for oodoc in oodocs: cls = oodoc.classes[0] code = template_obj.render( doc=oodoc, cls=cls, metamodel_version=self.schema.metamodel_version, model_version=self.schema.version, ) os.makedirs(directory, exist_ok=True) filename = f"{}.java" path = os.path.join(directory, filename) with open(path, "w", encoding="UTF-8") as stream: stream.write(code)
@shared_arguments(JavaGenerator) @click.option( "--output-directory", default="output", show_default=True, help="Output directory for individually generated class files", ) @click.option("--package", help="Package name where relevant for generated class files") @click.option("--template-file", help="Optional jinja2 template to use for class generation") @click.option( "--generate-records/--no-generate-records", default=False, help="Optional Java 17 record implementation", ) @click.version_option(__version__, "-V", "--version") @click.command() def cli( yamlfile, output_directory=None, package=None, template_file=None, generate_records=False, head=True, emit_metadata=False, genmeta=False, classvars=True, slots=True, **args, ): """Generate java classes to represent a LinkML model""" JavaGenerator( yamlfile, package=package, template_file=template_file, generate_records=generate_records, emit_metadata=head, genmeta=genmeta, gen_classvars=classvars, gen_slots=slots, **args, ).serialize(output_directory, **args) if __name__ == "__main__": cli()