Source code for linkml_runtime.loaders.yaml_loader

import os
from io import StringIO
from typing import Union, TextIO, Optional, Dict, Type, List

import yaml
from hbreader import FileInfo

from linkml_runtime.loaders.loader_root import Loader
from linkml_runtime.utils.yamlutils import YAMLRoot, DupCheckYamlLoader
from pydantic import BaseModel

[docs]class YAMLLoader(Loader): """ A Loader that is capable of instantiating LinkML data objects from a YAML file """ def load_as_dict(self, source: Union[str, dict, TextIO], *, base_dir: Optional[str] = None, metadata: Optional[FileInfo] = None) -> Union[dict, List[dict]]: if metadata is None: metadata = FileInfo() if base_dir and not metadata.base_path: metadata.base_path = base_dir data = self._read_source(source, base_dir=base_dir, metadata=metadata, accept_header="text/yaml, application/yaml;q=0.9") if isinstance(data, str): data = StringIO(data) if metadata and metadata.source_file: = os.path.relpath(metadata.source_file, metadata.base_path) return yaml.load(data, DupCheckYamlLoader) else: return data
[docs] def load_any(self, source: Union[str, dict, TextIO], target_class: Union[Type[YAMLRoot], Type[BaseModel]], *, base_dir: Optional[str] = None, metadata: Optional[FileInfo] = None, **_) -> Union[YAMLRoot, List[YAMLRoot]]: data_as_dict = self.load_as_dict(source, base_dir=base_dir, metadata=metadata) return self._construct_target_class(data_as_dict, target_class)
[docs] def loads_any(self, source: str, target_class: Type[Union[BaseModel, YAMLRoot]], *, metadata: Optional[FileInfo] = None, **_) -> Union[BaseModel, YAMLRoot, List[BaseModel], List[YAMLRoot]]: """ Load source as a string @param source: source @param target_class: destination class @param metadata: metadata about the source @param _: extensions @return: instance of taarget_class """ return self.load_any(source, target_class, metadata=metadata)